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Warren Township Girls Softball Home

2017 Warren Wave Wipeout Tournament

Mark your calendars, the 12th Annual Warren Wipeout Tournament is scheduled for July 14, 15 & 16.

Registration is Now Open.  

Click here for tournament information and registration.

Thank you all for registering online!!!! Please see below for important information to follow your daughters team

For teams 10S, 12B, 12S, 14B, and 14S all parents have been added to the permission list so they may now log in to view the team information on the particular team tab.  Please follow these directions:

1) Login to you NGIN account

2) Please hit the Warren Wave tab and then select your particular team.  This is your team.  Please note that you will not be able to see other teams information (except 16 and 18 which are public).

3) You can choose to add the calendar to your I-phone.  This is the process I found helpful so you don't have to go to the ngin website app each time: 

         a) Click on ICAL   

         b) copy the link

         c) go to setting on your phone

         d) click "Mail, contacts, calendars"

         e) click "Add Account"

         f) click "Other"

         g) click "Add Subscriber Account"

         h) double click in the area next to Server and then paste.

         I) hit "Next" in the upper right corner

         j) Hit save  (it will take a couple minutes to load the calendar on your phone so don't get nervous if the items on your computer are not showing up right away on your phone)


4) This will be the primary area of information for your teams.  The calendar portion will have vital information.  In addition, the coaches will try to add in address, fields, etc so that the information will pop up on your phone and in a pinch you could just tap on the address in your calendar to get directions.  (Please understand that this is a work in progress and any feedback you can give us would be great as we are trying to eliminate confusion on game days and to eliminate the need to scroll through 1000 emails!!!!)

Please note that from here on out all further posting will be on the Warren Wave page and not this front page!!!

Paul Novak

Director of Travel

Wave Registration is Live

All Players who have accepted a spot must register and choose a payment plan before they can participate in any team activities.

Warren Wave announces all managers for 2016-2017


16U and 18U - Lou Belletini

14U Silver - Denis Gravel

12U Silver - Tony Dicriscio

10U Silver - Jeff Ovaska


16U and 18U Program

The WTGS Board has selected Lou Belletini as our 16U and 18U manager.  Lou is no stranger to softball, as he continues to be our 18U manager.  He is absolutely no stranger to elite level softball and has assisted players in their pursuit of playing in college.  

The 16U and 18U program will hold each practice together, pushing the 16U players to a higher level each and every practice for the entire season, as well as allowing the 18U players to mentor the 16U players.  Coach Lou and his staff will dedicate their time to improving each and every player with the goal of placing each team in the highest level tournaments including A level tournaments such as ASA "A", PGF, etc.  Both 16U and 18U teams will play in college exposure tournaments in the fall and next summer. 

Coach Lou, "When I started coaching my oldest daughter in the WTGS in-house program in 2001, I had no idea it would take me to where I am today.  I moved over to Warren Wave Travel, in 2005, and started at the 10U age level as an assistant coach.    

Over the years I have gone to The National Sports Clinics and listened to many coaches and their philosophies, the drills they use and the expectations they have for their recruits. I have taken pieces of this information and incorporated it into my own coaching style and philosophies.  The players I have coached over the years have had a lot of wins, along with losses.   Losses are a part of the game, they happen, I look at losses as an important part of coaching as it gives each player, the team as a whole and myself an opportunity to look for improvement.

I consider myself to be a fair and honest coach. I am always there for any player that wants to improve on their skills and all you have to do is ask.  When I am running a practice or on that third base line the best interest of the team, the players, is always first.  In turn, my expectations are simple. To be at the scheduled practices, games and tournaments on time and ready, to give yourself to the TEAM, this is not an individual sport, for that scheduled time, to be committed."

Coach Lou has had two daughter move on to college softball and has coached many others that are or have been playing college softball.

Denis Gravel (14U Silver)

I would like to share some information about Denis Gravel.  In selecting Denis as our 14U Silver coach the following factors weighed heavily in his selection:

  • Denis coached previously in the Wave for many years
  • He has managed teams at 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U
  • He has coached teams that have won tournaments at the A as well as the B levels
  • His teams have played in over 25 championship games
  • He recently was the 18U coach for over 5 years
  • Denis took a couple years off the recharge his battery
  • He is now ready to continue his focus on softball fundamentals, to utilize his vast high level softball coaching experience with our 14U Silver team to prepare them for the 16U and 18U levels and beyond.
  • Denis does not have a child that will be playing on the team


Fee's for the 2016-2017 season

10U - $850

12U - $900

14U - $950

16U - $1,000

18U - $1,100


Here at Warren Wave, we strongly believe in players playing at their own birth year team.  For many reasons, including maturity, attitude, skill level, and proper development, the WTGS Board has instituted a policy that players shall play at their birth level unless an extraordinary circumstance.  Players wishing to be considered for a Wave team other than their birth year must petition the Director of Travel prior to the last tryout date listed for the age level being sought. 

Just so we are clear, we strongly encourage players to play at their own birth year as we think we have developed an extremely knowledgeable coaching staff and it will be their job to enter the teams in the appropriate high level tournaments, to continue to develop each individual player, as well as prepare each player for the next level.  With the selection of Lou as our 16U and 18U manager, as well as Denis as our 14U Silver manager, we have set our program apart from others and can provide our players with the highest level of both instruction and competition. 


Any questions about the coaching staff or Warren Wave in general please feel free to contact Paul Novak, Director of Travel.  (See email address on Contact US page)

Recent 18U News

Extra Tryouts Available Per Request for 18U Players

By Bob Marshall 08/02/2016, 7:30am CDT

If you cannot make our scheduled tryouts please call Bob Marshall at 847 525 4758 or email Bob at to arrange a tryout. You can also email Lou Belletini at to schedule a tryout.Thanks Lou and Bob

Warren Wave 18U finished 8th out if 36 teams

By Bob Marshall 08/02/2016, 7:30am CDT

In our final tournament at PGF Regionals in Peoria,Ill the Warren Wave 18U team finished 8th out of 36 teams.

2015-2016 Team Accomplishments

Roselle USSSA - 3rd Place
Libertyville Mothers Day Round Robin - 2nd Place
Grayslake Pride Tournament - 1st Place
Pontiac Battle of the Bats - 3rd place
Park Ridge Ice Cream Classic - 3rd Place
Six Flags  Great America ASA - 2nd Place
Glenview Thunderbolt Classic - 4th Place
Moline Heartland Shootout ASA - 2nd Place
McHenry Heatwave NAFA - Champions
2/6/16 - Wilmot Wiffle Ball Classic – Champions
5/13-5/15 – Grayslake Pride Tournament Gold Bracket – Champions
5/22 – Pontiac Battle of the Bats ASA Qualifier – 3rd place – earned ASA at large bid
5/27-5/29 – Park Ridge Ice Cream Classic – 2nd Place
6/3-6/5 – Six Flags Great America – ASA Qualifier – Champions – earned ASA Nationals Bid
6/10-6/12 – Ice Summer Celebration – USSSA Qualifier – 2nd Place – earned USSSA Bid
6/24-6/26 – Heartland Shootout – ASA “A” Qualifier – 2nd Place
7/8-7/10 – McHenry Heatwave NAFA Qualifier – 4th Place
Pontiac ASA Qualifier - 1st Place
Vernon Hills Candiotti Classic - 2nd Place
Park Ridge Ice Cream Classic - 2nd Place
Glenview Thunderbolt Classic - Champions
Elk Grove PGF - 2nd Place
ASA "A" Northern Nationals 


The goal of the Warren Township Girls Softball program is to create a positive softball experience for all girls through the education of the sport, stressing the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fun!!!

Warren Township Girls Softball supports the WTGS Fastpitch local league, and the Warren Wave travel league.  You can get information for our entire program through one convenient website location.  Whether you are a player, coach, or parent...we expect this site to improve your experience with our program through easier and more timely access to information.   

Check out our new Alumnae page

Please check out our new ALUMNAE page for past Warren Wave players and where they played in College.  If you are a former player and want to be added to our growing list please email us in the contact section of this website and we will be happy to add you...spread the word!!!!!!!!  To view please view under the Warren Wave tab.

The Registration "2016 Warren Township Girls Softball Registration" is not currently available.


Participation on the WTGS Board of Directors is a very rewarding experience.  It provides an opportunity to give to the community and continue the positive direction of Warren Township Girls Softball.  In general, Board positions support both our WTGS Fastpitch (in-house) and Wave (Travel) programs. We are looking for volunteers to help shape the future of WTGS.  

We currently have an open position for:

  • Director of WTGS Sponsors & Apparel

Please join us in helping to make a difference with our players and our community!! 


Hello WTGS Families,


The 2016 softball season has come to an end and we are starting to plan for the next year.  Per the WTGS Constitution, each year at the conclusion of the season,  we are to hold our Annual Board Meeting, where we will conduct Board elections.  We will hold our Annual Board meeting on Thursday, August 18th. At this meeting the entire WTGS organization has the opportunity to elect the representatives (Board Members) that set the policies and guide the organization for the upcoming year. 


We would like to invite each of you to attend this meeting.  You will have the opportunity to elect new Board Members and also see how the Board operates.


We have 13 Board members and each member is elected to a 2 year term.  Each year approximately half of the Board positions come up for renewal.  This year there are 6 open positions that need to be filled.  In some cases, current Board members may choose to seek re-election, while others, who have completed their term, may not seek to return for another term.  Any of you are eligible to join the Board and we strongly encourage you to consider joining.  The future and success of WTGS depends on people like you, who are willing to spend a little time giving back to the girls and the organization.


If you are interested in joining the Board and wish to be considered as a candidate at the Annual Meeting, you must submit  your intention to join the WTGS Board in writing at least 14 days prior to the Annual Meeting.  The deadline to submit your intention this Thursday, August 4th.  You may submit your intentions by either sending me an email or sending a letter via registered mail.  If you wish to send an email, please send it to president@warrengirlssoftball. com.  If you wish to send a registered letter, please send it to the following:



P.O. Box 634

Gurnee, IL 60031


Every WTGS family has the right to and vote for the candidates seeking election.  Our Constitution states the following:


E)  Anyone who had a child in WTGS during the preceding season shall be eligible to be nominated and elected to serve on The Board during the Annual Meeting.  At any time other than the Annual Meeting, anyone wishing to fill an open board position must have either had a child in WTGS In-House during the most recent season or have a child that is registered and/or on a WTGS Wave team roster in the current season.  There shall be one vote per WTGS family.


The Annual Board Meeting will begin at 7:00 pm.  Location is to be determined. Please check our website for more information.


Thank you for your continued support of Warren Township Girls Softball.


Christine Sanchez

President- WTGS

Lost and Found

  • All found items will be kept in the Parks Department
  • A list of all found items will be posted on the Information Board located in Parking Lot B
  • If your item is on the list, stop by during Parks Department hours